Dads Need Reassurance and Today Moms asked fathers what they think about their parenting and two-thirds of them said that what they want most from their partner is just some verbal acknowledgment - a "good job" - now and then.


Mothers and fathers disagreed on who’s the “go-to” parent in their house (95 percent of moms and a third of dads claim that title) and disputed who spends how much time on child care (75 percent of moms say they do most of it while 50 percent of the dads said they split it 50-50).


MSNBC quoted a psychiatrist/director of the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services as saying: “Mothers are more confident in that [parenting] role, the pat on the back isn’t what they’re looking for. Dads need reassurance. So you say, ‘Great job changing that diaper,’ and I know moms are like, ‘Are you kidding me, what do you want, applause?’ But if you want him to change four more diapers, you better applaud at some level.”