Confidence: A Crucial Accessory for Returning to Work.

Washington Post blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner advised moms who are returning to work after an extended absence for childrearing need to project confidence to potential employers and should stick with the professional disciplines in which they worked prior to having children.


“Many stay-at-home [parents] would be better off if they confronted the biggest hurdle preventing women from returning to their chosen industries: lack of confidence, the most critical ingredient in any job hunt,” Steiner wrote. “A recent New York Times article ‘M.B.A. Programs Pay Off for Women Seeking a Return to Wall Street’ highlighted this reality and business schools' growing success teaching confidence by helping stay-at-home moms brush up on outdated skills, a topic we discussed last May in ‘Opting Back In’ and in July in ‘Business Schools Target Stay-at-Home Moms.’” (October 2007)