Marriage Rates Hit Record Low

It looks like more and more adults in America are skipping the walk down the aisle as the number of marriages in the U.S. has "plunged to record lows," according to new survey results released by the Pew Research Center.

Only 51 percent of adults are married, a steep drop from the 57 percent who were married in 2000. Just to put the shift in perspective - back in the "Mad Men" year of 1960, 72 percent of adults were married.

The nuptial rate varies by education level, the Washington Post reported. “Most college graduates will marry eventually. Nearly two in three college graduates are married now, compared with less than half who have a high school education.”

A spokesman from the National Marriage Project told the paper: “Half the births to high school-educated moms are out of wedlock. Among that group, we’re at a tipping point. Marriage is losing ground among middle Americans. They were doing okay until the last decade or so, and now they’re the most at risk.”

Why do you think that marriage rates are dropping?