Inequality on the Homefront

A married working mom lamented in a Newsweek column that she doesn’t understand why, in an era of so-called equal parenting, she still gets stuck with the bulk of the domestic responsibilities. “It's clear that, like a growing number of his male peers, [my husband] sees parenting and career as equal priorities,” wrote Lorraine Ali. “I'm lucky my husband embraces fatherhood with a zeal and devotion unheard of among previous generations, but I still have to wonder why, when men are far more involved in child rearing than ever before — and even talking about it to one another — women are still left carrying the bulk of the load?” (October 2007)


I struggle with the household "equity" as well. While my husband certainly does the bulk of the yard work (ok - cuts the grass!), it's the day-to-day things that carry the biggest burden. Just keeping on top of the clutter is hard enough, I don't need to pick up after him either! Things like remembering which forms have to be returned to school, or that we have to sign up for parent-teacher conferences, etc. It's enough to drive you insane! But, truth be told, I do have a housecleaner that comes every two weeks. With both of us working full-time, it's a luxury I'm more than happy to pay for. I'm sure if we didn't have this luxury, I'd be telling a different story!!