Parents & Homework

Mommy bloggers squared off this week over homework, specifically focused on the topic of parental assistance.


Mommyish blogger Rebecca Eckler admitted in a recent post that she does her fourth grader’s homework for her because she said her child didn’t have the time or the patience to complete it on her own after a long weekday.


“I don’t feel all that bad practically doing her homework for her, because it’s a time thing,” Eckler wrote. “If I believed that homework was more important at her age than playing with friends after school outdoors, or dancing, which she loves, then she’d have all the time in the world to do her homework on her own. But since there isn’t so much time, and mommy doesn’t believe she is doing any harm in helping a lot, then so be it.”


This didn’t sit well with Babble blogger Madeline Holler.

“I know the arguments against homework in grade school and I totally buy those arguments,” Holler wrote. “A lot of homework is a waste of time. My question is, then, why create a charade? A charade that the fourth grader is complicit in?”


“I know intimately this temptation to take over a project: The annual science fair is a real exercise in restraint for me,” Holler continued. “But I’ve seen what happens when I step in – self-motivation is undermined, genuine interest in a project flies right out the window, pride and satisfaction in finishing just isn’t there. Eckler may think she’s helping her kid but the real help would be if she said, ‘eh, just do your best . . . One of the most sobering things I think parents can learn about their kids is that their best often isn’t all that dazzling. Why try to hide it?”

What do you think? Is it ever ok to do your child's homework for them?