Birth Control Bigots

Now that my three kids reliably use a toilet and can brush their own teeth, it’s been a while since I’ve been so flustered and frustrated that I felt like pulling out my eyelashes.



But last week was a doozy. First came the wondrous news that U.S. health insurance companies were finally being required to cover prescription birth control, the most common drug prescribed for women. I felt like doing a jig on my kitchen counter.


Then came the backlash.


At first, the reactions were quasi-intellectual and quasi-credible. Stuff like The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney alleging that the only reason Obama supports insured birth control is to reward drug companies and abortion providers who’ve contributed to his campaign. Twistedly cynical and derisive of the possibility that our president might actually be attempting something to benefit mankind, but okay, I see his point. I do not agree, but there is a teeny bit of logic here.


Then Sandy Rios, the Family PAC Federal Vice President, apparently detached his brain from the orbit of the universe:


"We’re $14 trillion in debt and now we’re going to cover birth control, breast pumps, counseling for abuse? Are we going to do pedicures and manicures as well?”


Rios also suggested that young women are better off having babies:


"Having a baby is not the worst thing. I think having multiple sex partners without any kind of restraint or responsibility is much more damning."


(Note to Rep. Rios: I’ve had babies, and I’ve had multiple sex partners without restraint. I need to report back that babies are worse than multiple sex partners.)


Then we heard from GOP Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who suggested that providing free birth control would lead to the end of the entire human race, and that birth control medication is not, well, medication exactly.


“Preventing babies from being born is not medicine. That's not -- that's not constructive to our culture and our civilization. If we let our birth rate get down below replacement rate we're a dying civilization," King said on the House floor last Monday.


Oh vey! Where do we start with these men?


First off, I’d like both Mr. Rios and Mr. King to spend nine days (let’s not bother with the whole nine months) throwing up, swelling up, and watching their bodies expand by 25 to 65 pounds, and then pushing out an eight pound bowling ball through their belly button, without pain medication of course, since that would not be natural and would limit their full enjoyment of the experience.



Ms. Rios apparently thinks that the decision to force insurance companies to pay for birth control, breast pumps, cancer screens and abuse counseling should will also require them to pay for other frivolities such as manicures and pedicures. Because, you know, so many women look forward to getting French Tips with their Pap smears...and cervical cancer equates to a full set of acrylics, according to her infinite wisdom.

Ms. Rios is the former president of "Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest public policy women's organization" -- Fox News Bio. Their "Public Policy" is the same as that of the men quoted in this column...and Michelle Bachman, who is currently campaigning for president of the United States. Women are supporting these women...thousands, if not millions of them. Isn't it time we started looking at our sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces and daughters...instead of ***men***...for the truly deadly killers amongst us?


This might make your head explode a little more, but Sandy Rios is a woman. She's the president of Culture Campaign, a FOX News contributor, and is involved in a lot of "Christian" women's organizations.


I'm just curious here-- does insurance cover viagra?


Some men are not like a dinosaur (brain the size of a walnut). The brain dead leaders in congress think that separate but who cares is OK. Case in point, Viagra. Some like former president W think that if abstinence only doesn't work in the US it should be made to work everywhere we give foreign aide. Religious hyper-morality applied to health care is just as bad as McCarthyism was to freedom as a whole.


As I've said so many times, too many people sh*ting out too many babies IS the problem. I have said the same thing about handing out birth control on every street corner. I'll go one step farther, if you cannot support yourself and have to resort to welfare, then you will be put on birth control until you get your feet on the ground and are able to support yourself.


How do these men get voted in? You don't believe that women vote for them? I give you Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Christine O'Donnell...and the thousands...perhaps millions...of women who think that these women are right-thinking, intelligent, moral human-beings, and perfect candidates to lead our nation. That's how men like these morons get voted in. Pretending that women are somehow intellectually and ethically superior when it comes to these issues is a fatal mistake.
Also, consider the obvious...millions of men also voted for President Obama in order for him to achieve the presidency. I do believe that speaks for itself. And Barack Obama has two daughters, something those of you who choose to believe his motives were due to pure political machinations might take into consideration.
I think that the decision was sound...with certain reservations regarding fertility treatments (multiple births of 8 children to families who can in no way afford them, who already have children...and who bring into the world infants who will always struggle because such births are exceedingly dangerous to the developing fetus...funded by the government? Really? Yeah, I have issues with that...for a multiplicity of reasons).
But you lost me when you began the "men should suffer because they just don't understand..." and what about the teenage girl who ruins her life because she didn't have access to free birth control. On the first: men can't have babies...and the twin acts of carrying and giving birth are not punishments, a sacrifices, a duty or obligation, or a right. It is what women were biologically designed for by evolution as their part of the reproductive cycle. If you find it so objectionable...don't do it...but please, it makes you sound like every kind of an ignorant and anachronistic fool to wish pregnancy, labor and delivery on men. As for caring for the children after their birth...a great many men help, take part fully in fact, and are not the troglodytes that women automatically assume them to be. Far more might help if so many women didn't viciously criticize every single attempt they made (have you ever heard of the "Superior Wife"? You ought to look the syndrome up. Very interesting...). I never cared what my toddlers wore, as long as it was clean, and my husband was eminently capable when it came to child rearing and helping. My ex was a miserable mess...which is why he is an ex (no, I had no family to fall back on, no fabulous job, and no riches...and I still made it and so did my older son when I kicked the 6'2" infant to the curb). But I beg of you, just stop the chest-beating, martyred attitude that all men are irresponsible and useless when it comes to children, and that you, the mother, have given up so much (sacrificed your youth, intellect, looks, careers, sanity, freedom...gosh, can't think of anymore to kvetch about) to raise the humans you produced. If it's so terrible...why did you do it? Be careful about tossing around "misogyny" so lightly...because you sound like a misandrist yourself.
The other thing that infuriates me is that that poor girl who had sex "only three times" should have damned well known (considering her implied intelligence) that just once can cause pregnancy. Just once. I am female, and I have always (from my introduction to sexual "freedom" in the late '70's till the present) believed in this mantra: My uterus, my responsibility. I not only was on The Pill in college (which was not cheap, it cost me, and I was poor, $35 a month), but also carried condoms, insisted the man used a new one each and every time, and timed my encounters with my ovulation...for when it wasn't happening. No unintended pregnancies...not even when I was married and we were too indigent to afford my pills, and my first ex wouldn't use a condom, or agree to alternative forms of sex (he went without...tough for him). I believe in responsibility...and responsibility means that a woman be aware that anytime she has vaginal intercourse, she risks conception. If you can't afford a pregnancy, in any sense, won't take a morning after pill, or Plan B, or have an abortion...don't do it...whether birth control is covered completely by the government or not. How can intelligent people not be clear on this...and how can women continue to blame all men? On the quote that "...Babies are worse than multiple sex partners...". Funny? Maybe for you (I had a miserable period of promiscuity that nearly left me dead as a very young woman)...but I loved being pregnant, I got over that hideous trauma of childbirth (and the first time was not pleasant, mostly because I had an idiotic, ***female*** OB who left me with back-to-back contractions, fully dilated, for twelve hours...with my 10 pound son stuck high up in my pelvis, unable to be born and in crisis), and love being a mother. My oldest is high functioning autistic and had a very difficult early childhood. Both my sons were horribly allergic to breast milk (all milk, in fact). And I would do it all over again, and never cursed their fathers for "doing this to me". I am not religious. I had no baby hunger, social pressure, or problems with a biological clock (I would have cheerfully adopted had I not conceived). I was 32 and 38 when my sons were born.
I am tired of hearing women claim that all of women's problems in society are due to the faults of men. That, women, is misandry...the irrational hatred of men...and it is as limiting, useless, and dangerous to society as misogyny is. Look around you...this nation is rife with women who want to limit woman's reproductive rights, religious rights (Sarah Palin is a Christian really ought to research them a bit), even rights to dress, be educated, and to think as they wish. Sharia law? They want to return us, willingly, to chattel law. And yet far too many women blindly, blithely ignore this while condemning men in general because of the comments of the few. Dangerous, deadly tunnel vision.
I am raising my sons to be the kind of men that any woman should be proud to have her daughter partner with...but if your daughters are of the same attitudes as yourselves...I'd steer my boys far away from them. They have been taught to respect, love, honor, trust, communicate, be honest and be loyal...and to not judge based on gender. I would want a partner for them who would feel the same way.
I doubt the site will print this. They don't like dissenters...even if they are female. But they should. There are many good, decent men...and just as many terrible women. Gender doesn't make the person.


I do agree with PART of your argument, the comments made by some of the men are quite bigoted for sure. The bottom line is as a woman you and you alone are responsible for your body and your right to choose your type of birth control...isn't that what women fought so hard for and still are??! (Roe vs. Wade, etc.) So, if you are ultimately responsible then you are also responsible for paying for it or figuring out how to get it at a minimal cost to you (PP). Do we really want a 'nanny state'?? Before you know it the government will be telling YOU which b.c pill or form you WILL take and then whether or not you should even be allowed to have kids or how many you can have (China ring a bell??!). Are you kidding me??!!


As a working mom of three under six, this is the funniest quote I've heard all day! "Note to Rep. Rios: I’ve had babies, and I’ve had multiple sex partners without restraint. I need to report back that babies are worse than multiple sex partners." Thank you for a big laugh out loud this morning. On another note, do they not realize the social agenda they are promoting since women who are more likely to afford children can also afford birth control, and the inverse is also likely true?


I could not agree with you more. Preventing babies from being born is INDEED medicine, and believing otherwise is misogyny. Great article - thank you!


Great! Why don't people get this!?!