Many Ambitious, High Achieving Dads are Conflicted About Fatherhood

Just in time for Father’s Day, Boston College’s Center for Work & Family released a new survey of 963 ambitious working fathers who are employed by Fortune 500 companies which found a “disconnect between caregiving aspirations and realities.” “Most of the fathers in our study aspire to share equally in caregiving with their spouse/partner but often are unable to bring this desire to reality,” the study’s authors wrote.



For example, those surveyed “rarely took significant time off from work when their child was born,” made “few if any adjustments to their work” after having a child and time “at home was more than four times as likely to be interrupted quite often or very often by work than fathers’ time at work was interrupted by family matters.”


A bright spot in the study: “Fathers who utilize flexible work arrangements, either formally or informally, have higher job satisfaction and higher career satisfaction than those who do not.” (June 2011)