Study: Nearly All Moms Feel ‘Overwhelmed.’

Study: Nearly All Moms Feel ‘Overwhelmed.’ Feel like no matter how hard you try you’re just not doing everything -- work, home life, kids – well enough? You’re certainly not alone, regardless if you’re a working mom or an at-home mom, according to a recent survey by ForbesWoman and
Among their findings: Ninety-two percent of working moms say they are “overwhelmed with workplace, home and parenting responsibilities,” ditto for 89 percent of at-home moms. Over 60 percent of all mothers said they “sometimes” feel like “a married single mom” as 47 percent of working moms and 50 percent of at-home moms “almost never get a break.” (June 2011)


Whew. I just spent the weekend recuperating from laryngitis and trying to decide on the best way to reconfigure my days (outside of my full-time job, of course) so that I could still find time to spend with my daughter, get household cleaning chores done, and get my photography business off the ground. Thank you. Reading this has made me feel somewhat LESS overwhelmed (or maybe just less alone in my overwhelmedness)! Now, if I could only find the extra energy.