Who Takes Care of Sick Kids?

The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger explored the thorny issue of what to do when a child is sick and both Mom and Dad have to go to work.


“John and Valerie Farwell rarely argue,” Shellenbarger wrote. “But one topic can send them into a sinkhole of strife: Who stays home when their child gets sick?”


“When their baby suffered colic and reflux, John, owner of an insurance agency, thought Valerie, an attorney, would stay home; he reasoned that when kids get sick, ‘they want their Mommy,’ Shellenbarger continued. “But Valerie thought that because John is the boss at his agency, he should stay home, he says. Then, ‘as ridiculous as it sounds,’ John says, ‘we both started taking off at the same time ... so the other spouse wouldn't be mad.’" (September 2007)