New ‘Smotherhood’ Book Urges Working Moms to Laugh More.

MSNBC has posted an excerpt from the new book “Smotherhood,” by a North Carolina TV reporter Amanda Lamb, who urges working moms to lighten up and laugh. Describing a time when she was in court awaiting the reading of the verdict for a murder trial she’d been covering, Lamb said she was trying to track down -- via cell phone -- a white leotard for her daughter’s ballet class, dodged a call from another mother trying to arrange a playdate and fielded another call from the pediatrician’s office telling her that her eldest daughter had strep throat. While waiting for the judge to return to the courtroom for the sentencing phase, Lamb not only chased down lawyers and family members associated with the case for an interview, but also took a call from her younger daughter regaling her with tales of potty training exploits. (September 2007