Study Says Babies and Toddlers Whose Moms Quickly Return to Work More Likely to Develop Impairments

A Canadian analysis of data about 6,000+ families found that the sooner a mother returns to work after having a baby, the more likely that child is to develop motor and social development issues, according to Canadian media reports. (Though “the statistical effect [of mothers going to work] dropped off after two years,” the National Post said.) While the lead researcher for the University of British Columbia study said she hopes the results of her study aren’t misapplied, Dr. Rebecca Sherlock, a neonatology specialist at the British Columbia’s and Women’s Health Center said the study “could be used from a public health or policy perspective to say, ‘We need to fund women to stay at home longer with their kids.’” The National Post added that, “Dr. Sherlock said she believes it is important that women have a choice to work or not, freedom that will affect their happiness in the family environment.” (September 2007)