A Letter To My Son

You’ll both mature, and she’ll finally see you as the wonderful man that I know you’re going to become.  And you’ll realize that she wasn’t actually all that mean to you, she was just a teenaged girl with rampant hormones, and you were the unlucky guy caught in the crosshairs.  And when that happens, she will want to spend time with you.  Because there’s nobody else in the world who knows what it’s like to have me for a mom or dad for a dad, and there’s nobody else who knew what it was like to grow up in our house.  You share the same blood, the same DNA, the same memories.  At the end of the day, you’re her little brother, and when you’re both old and gray, you’ll matter to her more than anyone else.
Until then, hang in there, kid.  And remember, it may suck to be the youngest, but you get to stay up later than she ever did at your age.