A Letter To My Son

You’re not dumb just because you don’t know the same things as her.  You’re really smart and really articulate and really clever, but you’re three years younger than she is, so you can’t possibly know all of the things that she knows.  
Finally, you don’t – and this one’s really important, so listen up – you don’t matter less just because you matter less to her.  Don’t let your sister’s feelings about you cause you to go through life feeling like you’re not worthy of people’s attention, or like you’re not important enough to ask for what you want.  You matter.  You matter just as much as anyone else, and you certainly matter just as much as your sister does.  Don’t let her mess with your self-esteem, bud.  Feeling good about yourself comes from within, and you’re an awesome little dude.  You have a million things to feel good about.
I know this doesn't make it suck any less right now, but there is some good news: one day, you and your sister are going to become adults.  You’re going to go out into the world and get jobs, find partners, have children, build lives.