The New SAT

I worry, however, about a greater emphasis being put on extracurricular activities.  I wrote a few weeks ago about the stress students feel to become specialists in a sport or activity in order to make their college applications stand out, and I think that we’re at a breaking point in terms of how much kids are piling on to their schedules every single day.  But if extracurriculars become the make or break for college admissions, it’s only going to get worse.

I applaud The College Board for trying to make the SAT more fair, for trying to reduce the anxiety that students feel, and for (hopefully) eliminating the need to spend so much time and money preparing for questions you can’t anticipate.  

These are huge steps in the right direction for lowering the anxiety levels of high school juniors around the country.  My plea to colleges is that they don’t undo all of that good work by adding back extra layers of  stress to make up for it.


Originally published on ModernMom