The New SAT

For the rest of the country’s college-bound teens – and particularly for those who work their butts off to get good grades but crumble under the anxiety of the SAT, this is a game changer.   

Why?  Because this version of the test is more focused on content, and on skills learned in the classroom.  

Can you actually understand what you've read and support your answer with evidence?   

Can you think critically and reason?  

Are you able to approach a problem and figure out how to solve it? 

Any kid who has done well in a rigorous curriculum at a decent school should, presumably, answer yes to all of these questions.  And if the test is really going to be the way it’s been described, then I would imagine that a lot more kids can expect to do extremely well on the SATs going forward.

The question then, is how will all of this change the role of the SAT in college admissions?