Bad "Kid Food" Advice


The years went on and on, and her refusal to eat anything but “kid food” stayed steady.  I can’t tell you how much I regretted ever listening to that baby “expert.”  I felt – still feel – that if she hadn’t told me to go out and give my kid chicken tenders, I would have continued to feed her the way I was, and eventually, she would have eaten it.  I feel that if I hadn’t taken her advice, I’d have a kid now who eats all kinds of things.  And, of course, I have to wonder, in a country where childhood obesity is an epidemic, why do we define “kid food” as food that is fried and absent any nutritional value?  How is it that that ever even happened?

My daughter is almost twelve now, and the food struggle continues. Only now, it’s worse, because she’s old enough to understand that the foods she loves are terrible for her.  She’s learned at school what is healthy and what isn’t.  She’s seen firsthand how eating crappy food can affect her body and her skin.  She reads about what celebrities eat to stay skinny in Teen Vogue.  She watches The Biggest Loser.  

She’s trying to eat healthier, and yet, she still doesn't like grilled chicken, she still prefers plain pasta with butter, and she still won’t touch a piece of salmon with a ten foot pole.  And I still blame myself, for ever taking advice that I knew, in my heart, was completely wrong.


Originally published on ModernMom