Dear Men With Younger Wives

Dear Men in My Life:

Now that we have gotten to 50ish, many of you, after divorce, are dating or remarrying younger women. I am so happy you are happy in your life with your younger honey, who is quite lovely by the way. You deserve happiness.

I don't want to offend, hurt, or antagonize you.

But I do feel compelled to reflect upon your regular jests that the solution to marital woes lies in "acquiring a younger wife," much as one might purchase a new Porsche Carrera.

First of all, I know when you quip about the joys of a younger woman, you are joking, teasing, making light of our middle age dilemmas, our hopes, dreams, failures and frustrations.  In a kind-hearted, well-intentioned, light-hearted, typically nice guy way.

Maybe other men chuckle knowingly when they hear your little jokes.