Good Enough

My daughter is a Jill-of-all-trades who never met an activity she didn't love.  She’s been playing basketball with a group of friends in our local rec center league since kindergarten, and she has a blast.  Is she good?  Not especially.  She probably could be good if she worked at it for three hours every day, but she doesn't love it enough to want to do that.  She’s fine with being good enough.  

My daughter has also been taking a musical theater class the last few years, which ends each semester with a performance.  They only rehearse once a week, and the shows are super cute, but they’re not jaw-droppingly awesome.  She doesn't want to audition for an actual theater company though, because those rehearsals are every day, and then she wouldn't be able to play basketball, or ice skate, which she also loves to do.  Lots of girls at the rink have multiple coaches and they skate before and after school and go to competitions every weekend.  My daughter enjoys skating and she likes getting better, but committing to skating at a competitive level would require her to give up theater and basketball, and she just doesn't love it that much.  She’s perfectly happy taking years to learn what other girls – girls who practice every day – achieve in three months

Is that bad?  I don’t know.  Some kids, I think, are just born with an affinity for a certain sport or instrument, and they love it so much that there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing.  Some kids, though, take forever to find their thing, or never even find it at all.