How To Raise A Teenager Without Losing Your Mind

Most parents do not relish parenting teenagers. Teaching them to drive is terrifying. Catching them drinking - and puking - for the first time is appalling.  The horrors of teenage sexuality.  The surliness, the lying, the sleeping until 3 pm…

Dealing with teenagers is a grind, a bore, something to be SURVIVED.

But I love being a parent to teenagers, as I recently told Michel Martin on NPR’s Tell Me More

There was a parenting roundtable discussion about Dr. Daniel Seigel’s terrific new book, Brainstorm: An Inside-Out Guide to The Emerging Adolescent Mind, Ages 12 to 24.

Sure, parenting teenagers is tough. It’s the F**K-You-Now-Tuck-Me-In phase. Constant emotional whiplash. Hold me close, now get away.


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