Matching Babysitters With Moms

In 20 U.S. cities, finding one of the most important tools in a parent’s arsenal – a good babysitter – just got a little easier. Entrepreneur Mary Sullivan Cooper has been playing matchmaker for several years with her service, MommyMixers, which arranges for moms to meet prospective babysitters. “Welcome to the MommyMixer,” the Austin American-Statesman proclaimed, “which brings sanity-strapped moms together with cash-strapped college students and aims to make matches that benefit both. Moms register well in advance for the events, which almost always sell out.” The paper quoted a mom who hired several babysitters through Mixers as saying, “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – we get smart, responsible and energetic nannies and they get a fun job in a safe environment that helps them with expenses while they are in school.” (September 2007)