Judgy Kids?


As a person, I try really hard not to make judge-y, offhand comments about peoples’ appearances, whether they’re celebrities or people I know.  As a parent, I need to try to make sure that my kids do the same.  

Why is Lorde weird just because she wears dark lipstick and paints her fingers black and gesticulates with her hands?  Isn’t she just expressing herself and who she is?  I didn't particularly care for Pharrell’s hat, either, but wearing it to the Grammy’s with jeans and a sweatshirt definitely made a statement.  Why are Daft Punk weird just because they wear robot helmets?  Ok, fine.  Maybe that is a little weird.  But it’s also genius that they get to be international superstars and nobody knows what they look like.  When my daughter says someone is weird, those are the things I need to be saying back to her. 

I get it that my daughter isn't going out to the thrift shop to hunt for unique outfits any time soon, and I’m okay with that.  It’s terrifying to be eleven, and the last thing you want to be at that age is different if you don’t have to be.  

But even if she spends the rest of her life following trends and never breaks from the masses, I just hope that I’m able to teach her to appreciate the people who take risks, and to admire those who dare to be different.